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  • Improving user experience (UX) in utilising data is an advantage for any business. User Experience Researchers unveiled new innovations in enhancing UX and Data Analytics with AI-powered tools.
  • San Francisco — August 28, 2023 — Aerospike, Inc. today released its recently announced graph database on Google Cloud and Google Marketplace.
  • Investment Validates Denodo’s Unique and Disruptive Logical Approach to Data Management
  • Domo.AI offers a flexible framework that optimizes any AI model to fit the unique needs of business, from surfacing valuable insights to discovering the data stories that bring business impact to life
  • Domo enables mutual customers to build impactful marketing solutions on Snowflake’s Data Cloud, making data visible and actionable to help multiply business impact.
  • Dresner’s research spotlights the trends, priorities, perspectives, and future intentions of BI users. The 2023 BI report, Domo scored well above the overall sample for virtually all key measurements.
  • Machine learning deployment reinvented: Autoscale GPU nodes on Kubernetes + KEDA for cost savings & peak performance!
  • A Guide to Building High-Quality Text-to-Speech Datasets

    28 Jun 2023 Phong Nguyen - Senior AI Technical Lead
    Unlocking the potential of data: From ultra-realistic AI voices to game-changing tools. Dive into a case study on Báo Nói Application, an innovative Vietnamese TTS dataset.
  • Video Call with ChatGPT

    19 May 2023 KA - CTO & Co-Founder
    Our project enriches ChatGPT, an advanced language learning model, by incorporating avatars and voice interactions to humanize the text-based model, making conversations more engaging.
  • Infocepts is dedicated to delivering unparalleled value to its clients through innovative, data-driven solutions. In alignment with this vision, Infocepts is actively expanding its presence in the reg ...
  • Pioneering Hyperrealistic AI Image Generation

    18 May 2023 Phong Nguyen - Senior AI Technical Lead
    Explore how AImagine, powered by innovative technologies like a stable diffusion model, Flutter interface, and Python-driven processing, is redefining image generation with hyperrealistic results.
  • Discover how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be merged with software engineering through the ML engineering process, with practical insights drawn from the Tanoto project.


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