Unravel the Future of Big Data & AI With Industry Leaders 

Join the leading minds in Asia's Big Data & AI community at Big Data & AI World Asia. This unique event features three dedicated theaters, offering a comprehensive platform for learning and engagement. Immerse yourself in the latest cutting-edge innovations, practical applications of Big Data and AI, and best practices in data management.

Showcase your expertise and thought leadership. Share your real-world case studies and connect with fellow data leaders to drive organizational transformation and ensure your success in the digital age.

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Three Incredible Theatres

Big Data & AI World Keynote Theatre

Explore the potential power of Big Data and AI in helping businesses gain a competitive edge, optimise operations and enhance their bottom-line. From leveraging data-driven decision-making to implementing AI-driven automation and predictive analytics, join industry leaders as they seek to unlock the full potential of Big Data and AI technologies. Unravel the latest innovations, trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the future of technology and empowering organisations to thrive in the digital era. 

Themes to be explored include:

  • AI-as-a-service

  • Augmented Analytics

  • AI Governance

  • Conversational & Generative AI

  • Data Privacy

  • Data Engineering and Infrastructure

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AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics Theatre

AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics Theatre

At the core of this theatre lies the exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) and its practical applications in driving business growth and efficiency. Delve into topics such as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), AI ethics, natural language processing (NLP), and deepfake detection. Gain insights into leveraging AI for low-code and no-code solutions, responsible AI practices, and machine learning advancements. Explore the impact of AI on privacy, chatbots, collaborative robots, and more. 

Contribute your actionable insights from global case studies on:

  • AI Ethics

  • NLP

  • Deepfake & Synthetic Data

  • Low-code & no-code AI

  • Collaborative Robots

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Data Strategy & Decision Intelligence Theatre

Data Strategy & Decision Intelligence Theatre

This theatre focuses on strategic considerations like data governance, management, and decision-making, offering insights to formulate data-driven strategies driving business growth, efficiency, and innovation. From navigating the complexities of hybrid and multi-cloud environments to unlocking the transformative power of augmented data management trends, it provides a lens to navigate the data-driven landscape, exploring topics empowering organisations to leverage data assets fully. 

Lead the conversation with your best practice advice on:

  • Data Management to Data Fabric

  • Augmented Data Management Trends

  • Containers in the Multi-Cloud, Data complexities, Data Engineering, Data Monetisation 

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Hear From Our Past Speakers 

"It was a great collection of people and companies for discussion and sharing of ideas. A fantastic chance to engage with AI industry leaders and innovative companies crafting cutting-edge products."

Milind, Product Owner, Data Science, Mercedes Benz

"I enjoyed the scale and variability of vendors and have also made connection with many industry experts."

Lindsay Jap, Analytics lead, Delivery hero

Join the ranks of our past speakers. A world-class line up of experts.

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