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Power Your Organisation Forward with the Data Cloud

25 March 2021 00:00:00

Join this panel discussion to find out how you can get on the path of aligning your technology and business strategy, to gain trusted insights and power your organisation forward.

  • How do you think the role of data has evolved over the years, and what impact has it brought about to your business?
  • Snowflake delivers the Data Cloud - a global network where thousands of organisations mobilise and unite siloed data. Within your own organisation, how are you breaking down data silos across functions?
  • Multiple studies have shown that staying competitive in today’s market requires us to harness data as a strategic asset. However, simply aggregating and analysing data collected internally is no longer sufficient. The real value today lies in data collected from across both internal AND external sources. This can be done by sharing data securely via a data exchange or data marketplace. How is your organisation currently managing the different types of data flows and sources? How do you think data sharing can be applied in your organisation to generate new revenue streams?
  • It is imperative that an organisation is data-driven as a whole, and not just with certain teams. How do you achieve data democratisation, and what risks do you think a business will potentially face if they do not start investing in a culture of analytics?
  • Many organisations are starting to create Data and Analytics as a core function on its own, as opposed to it being a secondary focus. What are some recommendations for business leaders when developing a Data Team?

The Forces Shaping the Future of Database Technology

28 January 2021 00:00:00


Can your decisions on database technology today put your long-term survival at risk? It sounds sensational yet current times have exposed, often painfully, the changing demands facing most businesses. Customers are increasingly putting the digital experience on par with price. Businesses are under incredible pressure to have operational data and real time insight available to make business decisions. As Technology extends further to the edge and to the cloud, are companies able to leverage the innovation available faster than their competition? We have no idea what the next twelve months look like – but it’s clear that companies that can adapt and innovate at breakneck speeds are the companies that will thrive.

In this webinar we'll be considering how technology leaders can ensure that their vision is realized by architecting their database platforms to fit an unpredictable future.


How COVID-19 has pushed the importance for Big Data & AI

30 July 2020 00:00:00


Join us for this exclusive online fireside chat with experts from Accenture, Bank of Singapore, PETRONAS Lubricants and Schaeffler discussing how COVID-19 will impact Big Data & Artificial Intelligence in APAC.


  • How has COVID-19 influenced both short and long-term Big Data/AI strategies of organisations in the region?
  • What unexpected opportunities and challenges has the COVID-19 emergency created for companies to adopt Big Data/AI?
  • How can leveraging Big Data/AI technology help relieve the impact?
  • What is the future of Big Data & AI post-COVID-19?


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