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Dimitry Mihaylov

Dimitry Mihaylov

Chief Scientific Officer, Farcana
Dimitry Mihaylov is an experienced research scientist, professor, lecturer, entrepreneur, and business innovator. He fuses Big Data, AI, and engineering to create new products that enhance sustainability and efficiency in the fields of tech, biopharma, heavy machinery, and environmental protection. Since 2019, Dimitry has been working within the blockchain and crypto industry. He wrote a book on blockchain-associated risks, published numerous articles on crypto and cybersecurity, and owns a US-issued patent on a cold crypto wallet (Use Of Secure Chips For Storage Of Hashed Data And Private Keys In Hardware Cryptowallets US 11132673 issued 28.09.2021). Quite frequently, he gives talks at industry events on blockchain and associated risks. He was also invited to present research on cryptocurrency circulation for Egmont Group – an international organization that facilitates cooperation between national financial intelligence units to investigate and prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. Dimitry has authored 12 books in 3 languages, over 100 scientific publications, and 27 international patents. (Check out the list of key publications and patents here.)


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