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Industry News

  • Legitimising the role of the Chief Data Officer

    13 Feb 2018 Caroline Carruthers

    Caroline Carruthers, group director of data management at Lowell Group, and co-author of The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook, talks to The Stack about the role of the CDO, the importance of inclusivity and whether or not ‘big data’ is an appropriate term.

  • Stopping the global flow of human trafficking, one of the worst blights on the modern world, presents unique data challenges. Sarah Brown, managing analyst at charity STOP THE TRAFFIK (STT), discusses the charity’s work and its solutions to difficult problems
  • Hyper-personalisation and Journey Science are recent phenomena that apply primarily in the context of customer marketing and experience. While relatively new business strategies for customer insight, their potential impact is already spanning much wider than the realm of marketing.
  • Officials in South Korea have said they will ban cryptocurrency trading in the country, causing prices to plummet.

    Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are traded through exchanges, some of which have recently been raided by authorities after allegations of tax evasion.

  • IoT requires a very broad set of skills, ranging from electronics for sensors, actors and SOCs, to wireless transmission, field bus protocols, messaging and networking, to data centre technologies including data storage, AI, machine learning, API management, mobile/web UIs and legacy application integration and to other areas including end-to-end security, OTA, CI, CD. No one person can have all these skills at once, so be ready to collaborate with others.

  • Business is good for UK technology as it topped the European investment tables, spearheaded by London.

    In the first full year since the Brexit vote, happy venture capitalists plunged £2.99 billion into tech firms in the UK in 2017; nearly twice what was invested the year before.

  • Big data is no longer just hype and a buzzword. However, focussing on the term big data is missing the point. We have moved on to a place where business-oriented ‘data strategies’ should be the focus.
  • MIT researchers have found that changing the way neural networks look at data makes them better at understanding languages.
  • Due to the growing number of smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT devices and sensors in today’s digital world, a point of sale is wherever a customer is located.

    “Customers want responsive, seamless experiences. Therefore, there’s a corresponding widespread demand for responsive, intelligent artificial intelligence (AI) technologies,” says van Loon.

  • AI is a very odd nomenclature. It has a competing technical definition even amongst its real practitioners (mostly in labs). We can agree, however, that it includes some tools such as machine learning, natural language processing, and a product or business quality. In short, it’s a system that learns from experience, or a system that uses any of the aforementioned tools.
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