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05 Sep 2019

Yellowfin Launches New Mobile App to Change the Way Organizations Engage and Act on Data Beyond Traditional Dashboards

Yellowfin Launches New Mobile App to Change the Way Organizations Engage and Act on Data Beyond Traditional Dashboards

Introducing the First AI-Powered Mobile Feed for Analytics That Combines Automation, Storytelling and Collaboration.

Melbourne, 5 September 2019 - Yellowfin, a world-leading and innovative analytics vendor, today announced the release of a fully reimagined mobile app for analytics. This app is redefining what it means to be a data-led organization. 

Until now, Business Intelligence mobile apps have largely replicated the desktop dashboard experience.  But serious data analysis is not a great experience on a mobile device. The working space is small, interactivity is clumsy and complex analysis is compromised.

What makes the new Yellowfin Mobile App unique is the deliberate focus on the needs of the data consumer. The new ‘Timeline’ feed utilizes a familiar social-media style interface that allows users to automatically discover, collaborate and act on real-time insights through Yellowfin Signals and Stories. 

Yellowfin Signals automates data discovery by sifting through an organization’s data for statistically significant changes and notifying users of the changes relevant to their specific role. A signal comes complete with natural language generated (NLG) explanations and additional auto-generated analysis to assist users to quickly uncover the root cause.

Yellowfin Stories enables the creation of data narratives that generate a consistent understanding across an enterprise. Users now have the ability to embed images, text, video or snapshots of analytical content from Yellowfin and embed other third-party BI vendors such as Tableau, Qlik and Power BI, all within a governed and secure application.

When delivered via the new mobile app, these powerful products can immediately alert users to change, enable users to collaborate in real time and communicate action across an entire organization. It’s no longer enough to show users data — they need a way to act on it too, wherever they are.

“The new Yellowfin Mobile App offers an experience reimagined for the mobile world,” said Brad Scarff, CTO at Yellowfin. “It puts our intuitive Signals and Stories at users’ fingertips to let them know when, how and why data changes. But what makes the new app truly unique is that data and insights are delivered in a timeline to facilitate conversation and true collaboration.”

As part of the broader Yellowfin analytics suite, the new Yellowfin Mobile App is the only analytics app that successfully combines automated analysis, storytelling and collaboration. Constructed around an intuitive timeline, the app offers unparalleled opportunities for mobile collaboration. 

“The user experience is like from another world, very intuitive and easy to use. It combines unique AI features with modern collaboration capabilities bringing effortless insights right into your pocket. The ultimate BI & Analytics suite. Enjoy!” said Marcel Hajdu, CEO of Dataviz.sk.

From the timeline users can stay up to date by viewing and taking action on signals, sharing these changes with others, reading stories, contributing to discussions and connecting with other people within their organisation.

 “The mobile user experience inspired the innovation in this app,” said Glen Rabie, Yellowfin CEO. “The idea is to deliver the content type that is most appropriate for the device. Dashboards are terrific but looking at them on a small screen is not optimal. The future of analytics on a mobile app is built around a timeline that lets you take action on every change in your business, no matter where you are.”

The new Yellowfin Mobile App requires the latest version of Yellowfin, or you can experience it on sample data accessible within the app.  It is available to download now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.   

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