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22 Aug 2023

Xiilab, Participate in “Big Data & AI World 2023 Singapore”

XIIlab co., Ltd Stand: M40
Xiilab, Participate in “Big Data & AI World 2023 Singapore”

“Vidigo, Advanced Global Expansion of Cloud-Based Video Analytics Solution”

AI video analysis specialist company XiiLab will participate in ‘Big Data & AI World 2023 Singapore’ held at Marina Sand Bay Exhibition Centre in Singapore on October 11th to 12th.

“Big Data & AI World 2023 Singapore” is Singapore’s largest specialized AI exhibition, which attracted over 23,000 attendees from 183 companies last year and expands in scale each year. XiiLab, an AI video analysis specialist company, plans to participate in this exhibition and will focus on promoting the cloud-based AI video analytics solution, “Vidigo”.

Vidigo is an AI video analytics solution that detects metadata within videos through AI technology. It enables analysis of over 200 types of objects, extraction of natural language-based scripts/keywords within uploaded videos, and support for languages from over 36 countries. 

Furthermore, it utilizes synthetic data generation technology to create a range of AI models necessary for analysis. Moreover, it can generate custom AI models based on photos uploaded by users.

Based on these foundational technologies, Vidigo provides three different types of services: comprehensive analysis reports for elements within videos, meticulous highlight editing, and precise scene search capabilities. These services can be utilized across various industries such as advertising, media, and OTT.

A XiiLab representative emphasized, “Vidigo’s core value lies in AI’s ability to analyze extensive video content and offer diverse services. At “Big Data & AI World 2023 Singapore,” we are promoting Vidigo to advertising and media businesses to expand our global customer base.”

Vidigo is registered on the world’s largest cloud open marketplace, AWS Marketplace, and can also be accessed through the official website (vidigo.ai).

□ Xiilab Information

Founded in 2010, XiiLab is a specialized AI video analysis company. The company achieved listing on the KOSDAQ in February 2021 leveraging its specialized expertise in processing and utilizing large-scale video datasets. Its primary business segments encompass △ ‘Vidigo’. a cloud-based subscription AI video analysis service △ real-time large-scale video analysis through AI (X-AIVA) △ AI training using virtual data generation (X-Labeller, X-GEN) △ GPU optimization for enhanced performance (Uyuni). By integrating its proprietary solution “Uyuni” onto GPUs from NVIDIA, a leader in AI computing, the company has solidified its competitive edge. With the establishment of a U.S. subsidiary in 2022, XIiLab is actively pursuing global market penetration through its flagship AI video analysis service, Vidigo. 

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