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14 Jul 2022

Transwarp was selected into the global database industry map of the Academy of communications and communications

Recently, the China Academy of information and communications and the China Communications Standardization Association held the 2022 trusted database summit, at which the global database industry Atlas (2022) was officially released. As a database service provider and database product provider, Transwarp was selected into the global database industry Atlas (2022).


The 2022 edition of the global database industry atlas is divided into database product providers, database peripheral tool / platform providers, database service providers, database security, database ecological communities, database talent training and other fields, comprehensively showing the key links and representative organizations of the database industry. Xinghuan technology is committed to building enterprise level big data basic software, and has played an important role in promoting the development of domestic database industry.


In terms of database products, xinghuan technology adheres to independent research and development and technological innovation, and has created independent and controllable high-performance distributed analysis database argodb, distributed transaction database kundb, and distributed graph database stellardb.


Kundb has strong SQL compatibility, high availability, high concurrency, online capacity expansion, strong data consistency and other capabilities. It is suitable for operational business, high concurrency business and other scenarios. Argodb has complete SQL compatibility, and has the capabilities of high expansion, high reliability, multi model, storage and calculation decoupling. It can meet the scenarios of data warehouse, real-time data warehouse, data mart, OLAP, federal computing and so on.


Through continuous polishing and continuous practice of business scenarios, argodb and kundb have become mature domestic databases with completely independent intellectual property rights, which can provide more customers with high-performance, reliable and mature database products and services, and help users cope with the analysis and exploration of massive data in the era of intelligent data.


The distributed graph database stellardb is compatible with opencypher query language, provides the storage and analysis ability of massive graph data, supports the original graph storage structure, and supports trillions of Pb level data storage. At the same time, stellardb has millisecond level point-to-edge query capability, 10+ layer deep link analysis capability, provides nearly 40 kinds of graph analysis algorithms, and has data 2D and 3D display capability. Stellardb of Transwarp is applied in the fields of finance, government, social networks and so on, and has realized the storage and stable operation of trillions of sides in the scenario of Telecom relationship map in a certain place. In a real sense, it will implement the application of trillions of map database capabilities.


In terms of database services, as early as 2020, Transwarp passed the evaluation of the implementation and deployment capability of the "Database Service Capability Maturity Model" issued by the Academy of information and communications technology, and achieved the fourth level of excellent results (the fourth level is the highest level in the evaluation capability domain), which represents that the database service capability of Transwarp has reached the domestic advanced level.


Database is the Pearl on the crown of basic software. With the continuous growth of data scale and the increasingly flexible and diverse data storage structure in the era of big data, database technology is also evolving. As a representative enterprise in the field of database, xinghuan technology will continue to deepen database technology innovation and application innovation, provide users with more complete functions, higher performance, more stable and reliable localized database products, and contribute to the high-quality development of China's database industry.

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