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09 Oct 2019

Next Generation AI Breakthrough Predictive Analytics

Next Generation AI Breakthrough Predictive Analytics

AiSara, a next generation artificial intelligence breakthrough predictive analytics application software, today announced the release of its revised proprietary algorithm that can be integrated with in house service providers’ data centres and software systems using readily available API’s (Application Programmer Interfaces). This software enables organizations to gain insight into the vast amount of statistical data without the need for coding, thereby reducing cost and optimising efficiency for its users.

Due to encouraging and exponential growth, the company also provides research and development, software sales and consultancy into its core business for organizations to take advantage of a comprehensive business solution.

Industries that can utilize this proprietary algorithm and integrated solution:

  • Oil, Gas, and Utilities
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Health & Medical
  • Data Centres Provider
  • Governments and Public Sectors
  • Universities and Colleges


AiSara is an Artificial Intelligence for Solution Approximation with Robust Algorithm is exclusively designed for smart businesses. AiSara’s robust application, research, and development solutions are designed to give businesses the distinct advantage of having future decision making more profitable and cost-effective. More than just artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, AiSara combines all necessary tools and processes to help drive sales, improve customer service and thereby increasing productivity.

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