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The time is now to ride the wave of big data and artificial intelligence, or risk losing your competitive advantage to more agile businesses.

Big Data & AI World Asia provides you with four unique theatres to explore the latest in generative AI, data management, privacy regulations, customer engagement, and more.

Get involved with the community to influence the future of tech, present your big ideas, and showcase next-generation solutions.

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Big Data & AI World Keynote Theatre

Data is the new oil and AI is the biggest trend of the year. The importance of big data and AI in shaping the future of businesses across all sectors has become indisputable.

The Big Data & AI World Keynote Theatre dives into the complexities of harnessing these technologies and unlocking their transformative power.

Get involved in the latest conversations and help shape the strategies that will define our future.

  • Gain expert insights to unleash the full potential of your data
  • Discover the tools that empower you to make informed business decisions
  • Learn how to make strategic investments in AI technologies
  • Uncover methods to cultivate and support data-driven and AI-savvy workforces


Big Data & AI World Keynote Theatre

With data volumes exploding and AI technologies maturing, organisations in Asia are now at an inflection point where these technologies are no longer just value-adds, but essential components for survival and success.

The Big Data & AI World Keynote Theatre is more than just a conference stage, it is a nexus for learning, networking, and inspiration. 

Attendees will focus on the insights and strategies that business leaders need to understand to effectively harness the power and potential of these disruptive technologies.

Maximising the Value of Big Data and AI: Learn how to realise the full potential of AI and big data in your enterprise. This theme will take a look at the strategies and tools that can help businesses manage vast amounts of data and extract valuable insights from them.

Unleashing Human Potential in the AI Era: Explore the evolving role of the human workforce in an AI-driven world. Learn how to build a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, enhance digital literacy, and create synergies between human creativity and AI efficiency.

Enhancing Decision-Making with Real-Time Analytics: In today's fast-paced business environment, the ability to make data-driven decisions at speed is a significant competitive advantage. Examine how real-time analytics from multiple data sources can improve the precision and speed of your decision-making process.

Uncovering Intelligence with Data Strategies: Data strategies are integral to unearthing valuable insights that can drive business success. Learn from the experiences of industry experts and their strategies in harnessing the power of data to meet business challenges and seize opportunities.

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Learn More About These Amazing Theatres


Artificial Intelligence Theatre

AI is a driving force of innovation in today's world. It has evolved from a nascent technology to an integral part of today's digital landscape, driving a paradigm shift across both the public and private sectors.

As businesses strive to stay ahead of the curve, the seamless integration of AI into infrastructures has become a strategic necessity. The ability to delegate monotonous tasks to AI and unlock potential for enhanced efficiency has opened new avenues for industrial transformation across various sectors.

The Artificial Intelligence Theatre is a platform dedicated to exploring the depth and breadth of AI's transformative potential. This theatre highlights the many opportunities available to transform your business.

Advancements in AI: Dive into the world of Generative AI, Artificial General Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and more. Understand how evolving technologies like ChatGPT are influencing the AI landscape and shaping the future of various industries.

AI Ethics & Responsible AI: It is crucial to address the ethical implications of rapidly-evolving AI. Tackle the timely issues of responsible AI, the mitigation of bias, as well as the importance of transparency and accountability in AI applications.

Deepfakes & Synthetic Data: Get to know the potential risks and rewards of deepfakes and synthetic data. Learn about the latest techniques for creating and detecting deepfakes, and discuss the use of synthetic data for training AI models.

Low-Code & No-Code AI: Discover how low-code and no-code platforms are democratising access to AI, enabling users with no coding expertise to build and deploy AI models.

AiOps & Machine Learning: Experience how AI and machine learning are revolutionising operations in various sectors. Learn how AiOps leverages AI and ML to automate and enhance IT operations.

AI Clouds: Find out how AI cloud platforms provide the necessary infrastructure for developing, deploying, and scaling AI applications. Identify opportunities for how these platforms can help businesses speed up AI adoption and drive innovation

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Data Integration & Management Theatre

Your data is growing exponentially with every new tool adopted or employee onboarded.

The value of effective data management cannot be overstated. From optimising operations and driving cost-effectiveness, to fostering product innovation and shaping robust marketing strategies.

The Data Integration & Management Theatre is a forum for amplifying the value of data by showcasing real-world case studies, best practices, and transformative data strategies.

In this theatre, you will find strategies to manage and make sense of your data.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Data: Unpick the complexities and advantages of managing data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Explore strategies for seamless data integration, migration, and security in a cloud-agnostic world.

Data Fabric & DataOps: Learn about the shift from traditional data management to data fabric, and the role of DataOps in this transition. Discover how these methodologies enhance data accessibility, governance, and insights to accelerate your journey to becoming a data-driven organisation.

Augmented Data Management Trends: Learn about augmented data management and its role in automating routine data management tasks. Understand how this technology can enhance data quality, metadata management, and overall data governance.

Data Migration: Grasp the complex nature of data migration, including the tools, strategies, and best practices to ensure seamless and secure data transfer between systems, platforms, and infrastructures.

Graph Databases: Experience how graph databases can help manage highly-connected data. Learn how these databases can unlock new insights and opportunities in a wide range of applications, from social networking to recommendation engines.

Containers in the Multi-Cloud: Understand the role of containerisation in managing and deploying applications in multi-cloud environments. Find out how they can simplify the development process, improve scalability, and boost application performance.

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Highlights from Big Data & AI World Asia 2022

  • The show was opened by the Executive Director for Exhibitions & Conferences at Singapore Tourism Board
  • The She Loves Data Live! workshops covered the critical topic of diversity and data inclusivity through CV clinics and empowering talks
  • Meta displayed the interactive Meta Live VR experience where visitors could explore new Metaverse technologies
  • Inspiring sessions by Phillips' Head of Data Platform, Siemens' AI Chief Data Scientist, AWS' Principal Specialist Solution Architect, and more

"I’ve been coming every year. As a technologist who likes to see all the new things happening in the space, it is fun to be at Big Data & AI World.”
Technology Lead, NFVi Cloud - Ericsson

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