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Build Generative AI Applications Without Limits: Meeting Demands in the Age of AI

12 Oct 2023
Big Data & AI World Keynote Theatre

It is no secret that demand for real-time applications and analytics is increasing across industries and verticals. Generative AI has created new challenges and opportunities, particularly for database management systems — leading businesses and developers to create applications that not only harness the power of AI but also deliver seamless real-time experiences to users.

To take on these challenges, businesses need a data architecture that allows them to transact with and reason on data with high fidelity — without data movement — on any cloud with millisecond response times. And, this should all be done using SQL while accommodating a wide range of data types including relational, geospatial, JSON, time-series, key-value, and vector data. 

This session dives deeper into the key characteristics your data architecture needs to make generative AI a long-term success at your organization, and how you can build real-time applications on a unified, resilient database like SingleStoreDB.


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