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Leveraging External Data for Competitive Advantage in the Business Landscape

11 Oct 2023
Women in Tech Symposium
  • Leveraging AI for Enhanced Data Accessibility: In what ways is artificial intelligence facilitating enterprises in tapping into and capitalizing on data emanating from sources beyond their organizational boundaries? This includes data from public repositories, collaborative partners, and third-party providers.
  • Discerning Data Quality and Pertinence: How can businesses adeptly discern and assess the calibre and applicability of external data? What methodologies and criteria should be employed to ascertain that the data is both reliable and germane to their strategic objectives?
  • Integration and Synergy of External Data: What strategies and techniques can be employed to seamlessly merge and synchronize external data with the internal data reservoirs of an organization? This is crucial for achieving a unified and comprehensive data ecosystem.
  • Harnessing External Data for Informed Decision-Making and Innovation: Lastly, we delve into the methods by which external data can be harnessed to elevate the realms of decision-making and innovation within an enterprise. How can these external insights be used to drive informed choices and spur creative advancements?
Geetha Gopal, PMI Future 50 Honouree - -
Shilpa Sindhe, Senior Instructor Lead - General Assembly
Ravit Jain, Founder & Host - The Ravit Show


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