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Solving world hunger one byte at a time

13 Oct 2022
Big Data & AI World Keynote Theatre

In the last 30 years, over 3 billion people have been lifted out of extreme poverty and hunger. How did this economic miracle happen – against all the predictions of the so called experts – and what does it have to do with your day job? Since the first industrial revolution, human productivity, and the ability to create wealth and value, has grown exponentially. As we face the fourth wave of world-changing innovation, we are staring at the greatest opportunity to lift quality of life even further, for both rich and poor. Come on a journey through these revolutions, and discover how your business, your work, your drag-myself-out-of-bed-every-day job, is actually solving world hunger – and some simple but effective steps you can take to make an even bigger impact today. You will never see your day job the same way again!

Mark Burnard, Principal Specialist Solution Architect - AWS


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