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Bringing Transactional Databases to the Cloud Native World with Distributed SQL

13 Oct 2022
Data Integration & Management Theatre

Organizations are embracing hybrid and public clouds, microservices, and agile development to innovate faster. Unfortunately, traditional transactional databases—SQL and NoSQL—were not built to handle the scale, resilience, and geo-distribution needs of modern applications. The result — modernization initiatives impeded by engineering tradeoffs, software delays, and high costs. Distributed SQL databases combine the best of relational databases and cloud native architectures. Data-driven organizations now have a cloud native transactional database that matches the agility of their infrastructure and applications. Join this session to learn how distributed SQL databases can: - Accelerate developer productivity - Lower costs with operational efficiency and consolidation - Prepare your data infrastructure for any future

Suda Srinivasan, VP of Strategy and Marketing - Yugabyte


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