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The Power of Now in Real-Time Decisioning Systems

12 Oct 2022
Big Data & AI World Keynote Theatre

That a fraction of a second is all it takes for a gold medalist to beat his competition in a 100m race at the Olympics, is well known. That today’s businesses differentiate themselves from competition based on a fraction of a second, is now becoming understood in almost all industry verticals. What is common in a driverless car application, a credit card app for fraud, apps that decide which ad is best served to a user, is the need for real-time decisioning based on recent and historical data. Speed, Scale and Agility is what differentiates the best from the rest. 

In this talk by Aveekshith Bushan, we will look at how real-time technology is paving the way for transformation of businesses at the edge.

Aveekshith Bushan, Vice President – Asia Pacific & Japan - Aerospike


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